Philosophy@NU is proud to present Onora O’Neill who will talk about Trust.

March 6, 2017

Trust is often considered necessary for democracy and for the good functioning of institutions. It is also thought to be eroding. Can it be restored? Onora O’Neill gives surprising answers and challenges many of our assumptions about… Read More

Kazakh WikiBilim Foundation

March 1, 2017

NU Professors and students who published their scholarly articles related to their research in Kazakh language: Professor Abdulla Mahboob, SST Nazerke Balgabay, SST NU participants who made a contribution to Kazakh Wikipedia in 2016: Aigerim Duisenbiyeva Karlygash… Read More

“Golden Microphone” grand vocal contest to be held on the 21 February

March 1, 2017

Shyraq student club is organizing a grand vocal contest, “Golden Micropohone,” which is dedicated to the I Anniversary of Student Club “Shyraq”. There will be pairs representing each family at NU: SHSS, SST, SEng, NUFYP, Staff, DSA, Library. It is going to… Read More