Undergraduate Programs

What gets left of a man amounts

to a part. To his spoken part. To a part of speech.

--Joseph Brodsky


The degree program in World Languages, Literatures and Cultures (WLLC) offers a flexible and applied degree that is designed to train the next generation of language and literature specialists, as well as provide a solid generalist degree to prepare students in a variety of professions that require proficiency in languages and communication, including translation, museum work, library, non-government organizations, and government positions. It also provides excellent training for future graduate study. Students in our program can study anything from language diversity of the world, literature of Russia, Europe and South America to the way language is processed in the human brain and is used in everyday communication. These courses are complemented by language programs in Chinese, Korean, Persian, French, Spanish and German. By studying at the programs offered by the LLL department students will gain a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of human language, literature, and culture and will become critical and creative writers.


Students completing a degree in World Languages, Literatures and Cultures are required to choose one of the three tracks - particular areas of specialization, including: World Literatures (WLL), Language Acquisition, and Linguistics (LING). The tracks are mutually complementary and many of the WLL & LING courses comprise common course requirement for all three concentrations. 


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