History, Philosophy and Religious Studies Department



The Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies is part of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nazarbayev University. The department offers an undergraduate major in History and minors in History and in Philosophy and Religious Studies. In addition, our faculty offer a significant contribution to the MA in Eurasian Studies. Our trans-disciplinary department is committed to pursuing excellence in research and teaching in all of its many areas of expertise. We believe that teaching and research must go hand-in-hand. All courses are therefore led by dedicated experts at the forefront of their fields.


News and Upcoming Events:

Publication: Visiting Professor Moon on Russian Forestry

Publication: Beben on Religious Identity in the Pamirs

Project Update: SHSS professors working on the Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan project featured on Kazakh TV

Project Update: Electronic Atlas of Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan

Publication: Murphy interviewed about his forthcoming book, From Citizens to Subjects: City, State, and the Enlightenment in Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus


Past Events:

Conference: Religious [In]Tolerance in the Russian Empire

Student Capstone Presentation: Assel Uvaliyeva on the Anti-Nuclear Movement in Soviet Kazakhstan

Conference: "On the Periphery of Collapsing Empire: National Minorities and the 1917 Revolution"

Seminar: Totaro on oil production in Kazakhstan

Seminar: Yue Shi on Semirechie between empires

Joint ENU-NU-KarGU Seminar: The October Revolution and Kazakhstan

Seminar: Adeeb Khalid on the Russian Revolution and Muslim Culture

NU Philosophy Talks: Peter Singer on Effective Altruism


For more information on past news and events visit our blog at all about History at Nazarbayev University