Nikolay Tsyrempilov is an Associate Professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2001 he defended his Candidate thesis at Saint Petersburg Institute of Oriental Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences. His Candidate dissertation contained historical analysis of some 18th century Tibetan hagiographies. In 2016 All-Russian Attestation Commission confirmed his Doctor in History degree for his dissertation devoted to the problems of interrelations between Buriat Buddhist community and 18th-early 20th century Russian state.

Nikolay has published a few monographs and papers exploring the history of Buddhist communities in Tibet, Mongolia and Russia as well as the role of Tibetan Buddhism in political history of Central Eurasia and Russia. He is especially concerned with the issues of how Tibetan Buddhist religious institutes formed up and the ways the states influenced this process. In addition, Nikolay is an explorer of Mongolian and Tibetan written heritage having compiled a series of catalogs and published a few samples.

Prior to his work at Nazarabyev University Nikolay spent 12 years as a senior research fellow of the Center of Oriental Manuscripts and Xylographs of the Institute for Mongolian , Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences (Ulan-Ude, Russia), member of Princeton Institute of Advanced Study (USA) and Head of History Department of the Buryat State University (Russia). Nikolay was a visiting researcher at Hamburg University (2002), Tohoku University (2002), Indiana University (2003), Central University of Tibetan Studies (2006, 2009), University of Hokkaido (2007-2008).


Courses Taught at NU

Buddhism in Central Asia

History of Kazakhstan


Recent Publications

Tsyrempilov, Nikolay (co-authored by Kirill Alekseev and Timur Badmatsyrenov). “Ulan-Ude Manuscript Kanjur. An Overview, Analysis and Brief Catalogue”. The Buddhist Studies Review. Vol. 33, No 1 (2016). In print.

Tsyrempilov, Nikolay. “Noble Paganism. Orientalist Discourse on Tibetan Buddhism in Nineteenth-Century Russian Polemic Literature”. Inner Asia. 17 (2015). Pp. 199-224.

Цыремпилов, Н. В. “Кудунская теократия Лубсан-Самдан Цыденова: попытка создания буддийского государства в Забайкалье (1918-1922)”. Религия, государство и церковь в России и за рубежом. 4 (33) 2015. Pp. 318-346.

Tsyrempilov, Nikolay. “Introduction to Études bouriates”. Études Mongoles & Sibériennes, Centrasiatiques & Tibétaines. 46 (2015). Pp. 2-5.

Цыремпилов, Н. В. Ранний этап распространения и утверждения буддизма в российском Забайкалье / Н. В. Цыремпилов // Буддизм в истории и культуре бурят : коллективная монография / под ред. И. Р. Гарри. – Улан-Удэ : Буряад-Монгол Ном, 2014. – С. 4–35.

Цыремпилов, Н. В. Буддизм и империя: бурятская буддийская община и Российское государство в XVIII – нач. ХХ в. (Улан-Удэ : Буряад-Монгол Ном, 2013).

Tsyrempilov, Nikolay. From Tibet Confidentially. The Secret Correspondence of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama to Agvan Dorzhiev, 1912–1925 / Jampa Samten and Nikolay Tsyrempilov. – Dharamsala : Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, 2012. – 183 p.


Selected Grants and Awards

2002 – Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, Short-term grant

2002 – Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai Award

2003 – International Research Exchange, Regional Scholars Exchange Program

2004 – Honorary Diploma of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences for Contribution to the Russian Science;

2006 – Honorary Award of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Buryatia for achievements in scholarly studies;

2007 – Honorary Diploma «The Heritage of Siberia» from the Federal Unit of the National Foundation «Public Recognition»

2007 – Grant of Charity Foundation of the senator Vitaly Malkin «Era» for the besr scholarly research;

2007-2008 – Grant for 4-month stay at Slavic Research Center of Hokkaido University from CEO 21st Century Program (Japan);

2008-2009 – Russian Foundation of Humanity # 08-01-12117в «Buddhist Canon in Electronic Space»;

2010 – Grant Sigrid Rausing Foundation for short-term stay at Cambridge University, Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit;

2010 – Honorary Diploma «The Best Young Scholar of Buryatia» from the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Buryatia;

2010 – Grant from American Council of Learned Societies under the Programme of Humanities for Belarus, Russia and Ukraine for the work in archives;

2011 – Honorary Diploma of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences for the efforts to promote scholarly researches in Russian Federation;

2011-2012 – Russian Foundation of Humanity # 11-01-12063 в – «Intergration of Buddhism into Russian empire: compilation of historical sources database»;

2012-2013 – Henkel Foundation, The Ganjur Colophons in Comparative Analysis: A Contribution to the Cultural History of the Mongols in the 17Th -Early 18Th Centuries, Head of Ulan-Ude group;

2013-2014 – George Kennan grant for membership in Princeton Institute for Advanced Study

2015-2016 – Endangered Archives Programme Grant from Arcadia Foundation and British Library (EAP-813)

2015-2016 – Grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation «Archaeographic and IT methods in research of private archives of the Baikal region: compilation of digitalized historical sources database»