Dr. Kobayashi is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at Nazarbayev University. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Rice University and a B.S. in Mathematics and Political Science from Stephen F. Austin State University. His general research interest is in the linkages between subnational actors and foreign policy. In one project, he studies the role of domestic firms in the context of economic sanctions. In other projects, he examines the link between donors’ public and foreign aid policies. In his research, he employs a variety of methods, including game theoretic models, statistics, and survey methods. At Nazarbayev University, he teaches courses on foreign policy analysis and quantitative methods.


Recent Publications

"How Do People Evaluate Foreign Aid to 'Nasty' Regimes?" British Journal of Political Science. Forthcoming [with Tobias Heinrich]

"Voters Get What They Want (When They Pay Attention): Human Rights, Policy Spoils, and Foreign Aid.'" International Studies Quarterly. Forthcoming  [with Tobias Heinrich and Leah Long]

"Economic Sanction as Foreign Policy.'' The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Forthcoming.

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“Public Opinion and Foreign Aid Cuts in Economic Crises.” World Development 77(1): 66-79. 2016 [with Tobias Heinrich and Kristin Bryant]

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“Determinants of Sanctions Effectiveness: Sensitivity Analysis Using New Data.” International Interactions 39: 79-98. 2013 [with Navin Bapat, Tobias Heinrich, and T. Clifton Morgan]