Student Research

We are proud of our talented students and their ability to participate in research. We truly believe that more than textbooks and formal classes, the relatively informal, though complex and multidimensional, research relationships between professors and their students prepare the next generation of exceptional professionals.

SHSS is very supportive of the student research initiatives. Every year the brightest students of SHSS go to present their research papers at the international conferences. The geography of student conference destinations is impressive: from Annual Student Human Rights Conference in the Nottingham to international student debates in Beijing and Kuala-Lumpur, from Summer Schools in Vienna, Brussels and Prague to LCSR workshops in Moscow.

In addition to student presence at the international research events, the School hosts annual Humanities and Social Sciences Conference to give students an opportunity to present discuss and improve their research in a professional environment.

As of November 2016, SHSS invites graduate students to participate in the NUGSE "Research in Education" student research journal. The journal is open to all graduate students who want experience in authoring, reviewing and editing scholarly research articles about educational policy, practice or philosophy. Some of our MA students are already involved as peer reviewers! Please see the journal link and Call for Papers to help you find GSE more easily, as well as our MA students' contribution to projects.