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Welcome to SHSS Peer Advising Center!


Peer Advisors are well-trained junior and senior students of SHSS who are willing to assist others with academic requirements, degree audit, course selection, and help students navigate university resources. This service is a way to help students ensure timely fulfillment of requirements, help enrich their student life experience by gaining student perspective from their peers, ask different questions and be sure that all information stays confidential.


Peer Advisors are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm on the second floor of SHSS block, office 8.237. You can visit them at any time, referring to the schedule that is posted on the glass door, or send an email to to set up an appointment if this time does not fit you.


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Meet our Peer advisors:



Aigerim Nurmakhanova

I am a Junior student majoring in Political Science and International Relations. I believe that PSIR studies give an excellent opportunity to gain an understanding of how this world is organized and at the same time to acquire essential skills for future studies. I decided to join Peer Advising team because I think that it is much easier for students to share their problems and concerns with their peers. I would like to share my experience and help other students in order to make their academic experience in SHSS more bright and less stressful.


Aipara Berekeyeva

My name is Aipara Berekeyeva and I am a junior student majoring in Economics at SHSS. At this point I serve as a chair of the Academic Department in Economics Leaders Society student organization. Apart from studies, I engage with a research work and learn French. Peer-advising has become an inseparable part of my schedule and I think it is a great opportunity to share your experience and learn from other students. Only by helping and understanding each other we can create a thriving environment and bring a positive difference to SHSS!


Akbota Karibayeva

I am a junior Political Science and International Relations student at SHSS. I have been actively participating in international MUN conferences worldwide, where I develop my professional skills, expand my knowledge of global politics and gain experience that I eagerly share with other enthusiastic students at NU. For me peer advising provides a valuable experience and a unique opportunity to feel myself as an important part of something bigger than me, part of a great SHSS family.  This way, I believe, I can bring benefit to my beloved school by providing advice and guidance to other students.

Darya Darya Aronova

I am a 3rd-year student, majoring in Economics at SHSS. Since the beginning of my student life, I have encountered many challenges regarding both academic and non-academic issues. Some of them took me a lot of effort to address, so I know from my own experience how difficult it could be for a fresh student to make a right decision or even just to find a necessary information. Now I want to use the valuable experience I have gained during my studies to contribute to the NU community by helping other students as a peer advisor.


Dilshat Zhussupova

I am a Junior majoring in Political Science and International Relations. There is much that I wish I had known in my first year of undergraduate studies, and I strongly believe in passing on knowledge in a systematic manner within the NU community, which has already given me so much academically and personally. Being a Peer Advisor has allowed me to expand my horizons in engaging with like-minded yet diverse students from our School of Humanities and Social Sciences, of which I have only two more years to get the most out of!

nursultan Nursultan Kalybek

I am a junior Political Science and International Relations student at SHSS. I have been actively participating in a social student life, which includes but is not limited to DC Nomad, UCL Student Council, MUN, SHSS Student Council, Y2B, Changellende, and others, ever since my foundation year. Although I felt good about my level of awareness of student lifehacks and insights, now I can see that such insights would have been much better back when I was a freshman, if I had found the right people at the right time. So, I'm really looking forward to sharing any insight that I have which might make any SHSS student's life at the university much more enjoyable. Being a Peer Advisor is not just a way to do so, it is also an opportunity for me to get closer to my beloved school.

Xeniya Xeniya Kim

I am a junior student majoring in Economics. Besides my studies, I am a member of debate club Nomad and engage in voluntary work. Being a direct student, I have understood that first year at university may be really challenging and it is always a good idea to help other students. Being a peer advisor gives me an opportunity not only to share my knowledge but also to find out what are the most prevalent problems students face and find ways to prevent such problems in the future.