Student Affairs Office

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) Student Affairs Office provides support for SHSS students in all areas related to their studies. Our professional advisors can aid students in academic issues such as selecting courses, choosing a major, graduate school and career preparation, finding resources for improving studies, understanding academic policies, etc.
We also have advisors who specialize in student life issues such as adapting to dormitory life, extra-curricular activities, balancing studies and personal life, interacting with professors, and understanding university policies.
And we are ready to guide students to other resources on campus, particularly offices that can help students with psychological issues as well as those that can help them to find internship and study abroad opportunities.
SHSS Student Affairs Office includes:

Aigerim Nurgaliyeva

Student Affairs Manager


Office: 8.230

Questions: Academic advising, registration for courses, code of conduct, Master of Arts programmes admissions.